How To Setup Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce

If you want to analyze your store funnel with Google Analytics or with Funnelyzer, you will need to setup the Google Analytics “Enhanced eCommerce” functionality.

The Enhanced eCommerce requires additional settings to be made as well as coding enhancements that send additional data to Google Analytics based on your customer’s actions.

There are 2 main options for installing Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce:

The First option,

we’ll show you the simple way to add enhanced eCommerce to your store based on your platform.

The second option,

we’ll show you the traditional way which contains Javascript code you should add to your website.

1. The Simple Method

Download the below extensions and plugins and review the instructions below to set up enhanced eCommerce based on your platform.

This extension has a free and PRO version, which help you save a lot of time.

Shopify has the ability to define enhanced eCommerce without any external app.

Download the free extension below and follow instructions.

2. The Traditional Method (requires a developer)

Here is an official video of “How to set up enhanced eCommerce” by Google. In the video, you can see how to define the basic settings on your Analytics account and add Javascript code with the new data to your website.

If you want to add Javascript code that will load the enhanced eCommerce plugin, here are some more tutorials:

Help From A Professional