Know where you're losing money, anywhere and anytime.

Stop wasting money! Funnelyzer shows your eCommerce funnel with abandoned users and revenue.


How it Works

(this is a stand-alone feature)

1. Add in seconds to your Chrome browser

Just two clicks and Funnelyzer Extension is on your Chrome browser.

2. Connect to your Google Analytics

Connect Funnelyzer to your Google Analytics account (enhanced eCommerce is recommended).

3. See your site funnel insights

With one click, you can see funnel insights based on your store with major eCommerce KPIs.

For full features use our web version

No matter what you’re selling

Home appliances Fashion Sports Beauty Food Books Baby Photography Art Health Electronics Music Treavel Pet suppliers

Whether you’re selling clothes, books, travel or food. Funnelyzer will let you know where you're losing money.

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it"

Analyze Major KPIs.

See the most important KPIs of your store in one click: entries, add to cart, checkout, transactions, revenue, conversion rate, avg.cart, frequency, and recency.

Filter and learn more

Filter data and see your funnel details for user types, devices, or traffic sources and draw accurate conclusions.

Funnelyzer Setup

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