Funnelyzer Premium

Your Personal AI Data Scientist

Funnelyzer Premium saves time, money, and frustration for eCommerce departments in enterprise organizations. Grow your sales and understand your customers in minutes without hiring data analysts, engineers, and paying for expensive software.

Why Funnelyzer Premium?

Supporting Major eCommerce Platforms

Machine Learning Actionable Insights

Multi-Layer Data Sources

Intuitive infographics and Data Visualization

Evolving Optimisation and Improvements

Connect to Any Influential Data Channel

With Funnelyzer Premium we’ll connect you to any data source having an impact on your sales and abandonment data.

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Get A Customized Report With Key Insights

After receiving data from multi sources of information, we’ll build for you a visual report that fits your preference of reading data and the data priority between the various channels.

Periodic Reports By Email

Automatic sending of a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly reports, about the status of sales and abandonment on your store, with important action items to increase sales.

User Management with Different Roles

Providing access to view relevant reports for each unit in the organization like Senior Management, Marketing, Sales, QA, etc

How It Works


Funnelyzer Premium compiles comprehensive data
sets from the store platform, analytics, and marketing tools.


Data is organized and translated into crucial performance insights and metrics.

Understand, Optimize & Grow

Actionable insights allow site owners to address weaknesses and leverage strengths.

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